Sure Win Story

In what ways can you participate in the scheme? Well, there are many… they have actually a very… exciting and very… interesting compensation plan. Very generous, I would say and…

So, on one hand is your own personal investment so, it ranges from I… I don’t have the… the first table which is the… the table I have right now is the the… the new revised version, the latest one before they actually closed their website. So, they classified their packages in term of Bronze package, Silver, Silver Platinum, Gold or Gold Platinum. Initially the Bronze package was… only about RM24,000. Later they revised it.

The latest that I have, converted to Ringgit, is 27,540. whereby they commit to pay back to you RM69,840. How they do this is: every month they will pay back RM1,300 for this (Bronze) package. They divide it into two times: on the 10th and on the 25th.

But they pay you in term of the YB, a term that, direct translation, is Ying Bi (赢币) I was made to understand that it is like a… just a term, can be taken as a digital currency or it can taken to be a winning… Ying means it’s something that’s from a winning Basically, that YB can be converted based on a… in Malaysia it’s based on the US currency. Right? and depend on the ranking that you are, there’s a status according to the Marketing Plan you get certain perks, you know you get a better rate because you can trade among your members with this so called YB. You need this YB in order to invest in the Company. They don’t accept… the… currency you have to convert it into YB.

Because all this is done online. Right? And, the second package, that is a little bit higher is the Silver package.

Whereby you need to put in RM71,400 and which they will agree to pay you back about RM183,330, plus / minus (+/-) because it depends on the… also the quarterly bonus. The quarterly casino bonus payout is every three months they pay you one time. So, over a period of one year they pay you four times quarterly bonus.

This is based on the total profits the company made, they gave the extra bonus. So, out of this Silver package they may already paid you 183,330 is based on also what have been paid out during the quarterly bonus. Right? So, what they do is every month they pay back 4,500 divided by two occasions so you get half which is (paid out)… on the dot on the 10th or on the 25th Over the period that I was involved it was actually, fairly accurate. Of course sometime got downtime with the technical hiccup and so on But apart from that they actually paid on time.

Ok? So, higher than the Silver is called the Silver Platinum. Silver Platinum requires to put in RM204,000 whereby they agree to pay you back RM698,400 and how they do it? – every month pay you back RM14,200.

Ok? Then after the Silver Platinum is the Gold package whereby you need to invest RM714,000 (which) pay you back RM2,560,800 Ok? and how they do it? – every month pay you back RM52,700 The last one was the Gold Platinum. However, I don’t have the figure here because later they changed instead of Gold Platinum they were encouraging the members to own property in Detroit, US.

That’s why instead of promoting the Gold Platinum they changed it to Property. and there is where I was actually had a joint-venture with my upline. where I actually pumped in in the region of about RM250,000 on August 2014. And we didn’t see any agreement of any property that was purchased.

About a month before they closed the whole website. So, these are some packages that are available and the pay out and… You do have an option whether you want to… create a network introduced by networking with your contacts or if you chose to be on your own based on the returns you get, very lucrative. Yeah.

Apart from if you chose to build a network by introducing through your contacts There are actually all together according to this… table that I have here actually provided by my upline it states that there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… 7 different kind of bonuses that they pay out in the marketing… scheme that they have created. Very, very generous. Of course also based on… your performance. They got different levels, like for example, Bronze, Silver, Silver Platinum, Gold and Gold Platinum. The returns are actually higher as you… go up the hierarchy.

Some of the bonuses, like for example, Direct Sponsor Bonus when you get it on the spot; Differential Bonus the following day; Leadership Bonus every Monday; Agency Bonus, also Monday; Matrix Bonus, which is the following day. Consumer Rebate Bonus, which is the… investment return that you get as at every 10th and 25th. Rebate Matching Bonus is also the same. So, you practically have a… if you are very active in this programme weekly you are getting paid. So, it was very exciting and everybody was very happy and very full of gratitude and gratefulness for the founding brothers.

I remember that… averagely they have one convention to meet us per month. So, all of us were very grateful and we actually showered him with a lot of appreciations from their works…, their… about this whole feedback. They actually attracted all together, easily, the last estimate was 100,000 members over 22 countries. My new H/P contact number is +6017-3277-121