Participate in Gambling Seminars to Improve Your Strategy

We have players from all over the world. We have our Asian players, you know and let’s be honest, it really is their game, isn’t it okay, their collective wisdom and how they play? We can learn an awful lot from our Asian players and we have quite a few of them in our forum And we’ve learned quite a bit from them. We have our traditional players in the United States who actually look at the game from a statistical standpoint, who tracked the statistics in the game and look for any sort of variation that they can exploit or any trends that come upon us. We also have players from Europe.

I’Ve mentioned them many many times who follow their own patterns and their own systems of play, and we put all this together into one big pot and beat the casino and we talked to each other and we cooperate and we learn how to do everything we can To beat the casino So with that said, I’ve got a lot of requests as well. How do I interact with these players? Well, when you join, you can certainly chat with them in the forum, but I wanted to go one step better and I wanted to prove to the folks who are skeptical about our our play, that these guys are so dedicated and so happy to be. Members of beat the casino that they’ll be happy to talk to you.

So if you join I’ve taken two of our best players and don’t misunderstand me: we have a lot of great players, but I’ve taken our million dollar one of our MILLION dollar winners. Way2Fast and I’ve asked him if he would be kind enough to go ahead and do a master seminar with new players, and he agreed to that. Also. I’Ve asked our great player Kachtaz1 in Las Vegas. If he would actually do the same thing, he developed a 5 D system. He actually agreed to it too.

These players are not paid by beat the casino they’re doing it out of gratitude for beat the casino, because this is where they tweaked their play and learn. How to win These guys are real winners, so if you join beat the casino you’re going to get not only the membership where you can log right in and talk to the players and those guys right away, you can talk to me and any player in the Forum and also you’re gon na get Three Master Classes. If you sign up Okay, the master class, the first one’s going to be with me, where I’m going to kind of prep you with some of the concepts that we talked about and beat the casino so that when you go to the next master class, you understand What we’re talking about and there’s no confusion so you’re going to get an hour master class with me a week later, you’re going to get a master class with Kachatz1 who’s, going to explain everything that he does and talk to you about beat the casino and some Of the methods and systems that he uses and how to analyze a game, and then two weeks later on September 27th, myself and Way2Fast actually have a play session set up with a casino. Now we’re gon na be broadcasting live from our casino room.

Obviously, not the casino they won’t. Let us but we’re gon na broadcast from the from the casino where we’re playing now, if you join – and you happen to be in the area I’ll, let you know where it is when you join. If you want to come on down and play with this you’re more than welcome to – or you can just simply log in if you log into we’re gon na use, GoToMeeting log in and listen to what we have to say and gather all the information you can From our million-dollar winner way too fast, so that is what is new and exciting.

I’M so excited about this. I’M sure we’ll get many many players, I’m gon na limit it to 25, so go ahead and you know if you’re interested, please sign up sign up now. We’Re going to start the the master classes on September 7th, so it gives you a little bit of a time like I said it’s going to get cut off at 25, so it doesn’t get too much out of hand, and if you do, if you can’t attend The the times of the of the live sessions, don’t worry, they’ll all be recorded, seeking them back and review them and of course then you’ll be a member. You can post anything and ask any questions you want in the forum. So that’s the latest greatest thing going on a beat the casino all for you guys all to get more players, more insight, more everything into our into our players club and we’re the best.

There is okay, hey I’m here with Jeremiah one of our top players to beat the casino calm your mind. Did you have a good time playing tonight? Great time, did you win some money? I want a lot of money. Alright, would you tell anyone to join if you are not a member you have got to join up, it is the best out there.

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