How to Play Slots Online Part 2

From 27 you changed over to 25 Maverick Vinales Ok Let’s see if this works differently give me the Stars! you have to call them: STARS, STARS, STARS! Well, you do it! they cannot hear me! The stars are so many… but now I need 3 though!

three? Yes, I need three of them! Eh, I would also like 3, I don’t want more me too!

I cannot risk! well, no! it’s not behaving well do we change again? machine? Yes! What number is it?

99 it cannot reach 100 rooms? No 100 is too much… 99 is enough! no, please spend less money? How much do you have left? I do not remember no, put less: put 33 € 30 € maximum Go!

Peach! It seems to me that a little it has woken up Eh, let’s hope… Eh, we got one Star! now we have to hope that he will put a second one to make a bit score! in the lap? yes, because we have the Special Spin So how many spins are they?

Only one? Only one! If it doesn’t give it now, we’re screwed… oooooooooooo !!! we’re screwed no big deal, just 10 € no big deal, Mattia! That’s not good, because it happens in these games that if it does not pay any Symbol with the Stars, then it will not give more Stars let’s try Ah, well, instead he has given another one now we have to see that if it gives us also this, we will will break the bank, Mattia!

Really at 1 € not so much… though nothing special Eh, at the end, it should give us at least 100 euros no, even in this way it could give us 100 € if it puts a few 7 if it would give another Star too, they would be big money do I put 1 or 2? 1, always at 1 now it is written New Game we did one SEVEN alright then… it’s 10 € Do we call the Wheel of Fortune? Yes! Yes? Yes! ooooooooooh oooheeelaaa always Casey Stoner always Slot 27 always!

into the heart and charge 100 €. Now we play these 100 € and see what happens Does this game have a Bonus Game? caution it could turn your nose up… ah no! He has it, what am I saying it has the Scatters of Africa Spike! bho! I really do not know this game well, let’s see what happens, I know it pays Lines endlessy how many lines there are?

damn! no, set the maximum, or not? the maximum? 50. Let’s see what happens but 1 euro with 50 lines … it’s too much a “homeless style”, Mattia!

Eh! because he often pays many shots but it pays them few cents Mah, 9 euros is acceptable! and we reached 104 € we are winning 2 euros We’re winning a coffee for each one at this game exactly! however, you should play with a low number of Lines to win so much or a high BET, for sure! of course!

but, in short, it is already much more alive than… GORILLA! what’s its name? the Power Stars Yes beep what nasty sounds it has though! but do you see, why does it only sound on the first row it shows?

this is good when filling with many WILDs because it gives very good Payouts WILDs are these, right? yes but the are few! it’s 16 € but I ask, are these WILDs or these others? BUT IT’S WRITTEN OVER THEM!!!! Damn! and this?

How much does this pay? it’s the Gorilla it will pay… I do not know, 3 pay 1.60 € WILDs pay very well though eh, the WILDs alone do not pay anything and I know they pay if they are mixed with other things, such as the Gorilla I already have two Gorilla, but it gives them in industrial quantities they are good! at least they let you win few money let’s say that the shot is not wasted exactly I do not understand why the Scatter only play on the first roll and the others do not maybe you have to put them on a Line, I do not know let’s see what happens at 25 Lines let’s take a look if you lower the Lines… Ah, a full page… no, you see, it does not sound the third Scatter, maybe it must give them consecutively like the Big Easy if not, it is not explained at this point certainly in fact 3 Scatters, 8 euros and… what’s up? I have to take it now 10 Bonus Games, go, go! Are you ready?

Yes! but I do not know what’s happening in this Bonus, so let’s see… I do not know, it’s the first time I see it So far nothing has happened till now it’s 96 cents yes, but in the Bonus always something happens: or the Symbols Expand… and what’s happening here? I do not know this for example some WILD’s explosion…

I have no idea ah … this is what happens eh! we have these WILD’s Lines sometimes? certainly BHAA! I do not like that Jesu! All Mercy of Jesus Christ! and now what do we do here?

and now play! we still have some shots I do not know this, if… watch, what a disgust! shame on you! exultation? I have to censure myself because I do not want to blame however, accept these first but because 283 €, only 100 € we had loaded, right? Yes leave the phone which makes me drop the connection here guess who is it?

who’s there? your mother Eeeh, okay, I’ll answer later this also is good! beep I like GORILLA, Mattia! I must admit… me too, huh even if I did not understand well how it works No no I’m wrong, sorry did you want to put 10? no Three, but it does not go 3.75 is not good? Eh, 2.50 € but you have lowered the Lines now eh?

Yes when the chips are down, it’s just a matter of: how do you like to play, because or 50 Lines will be paid 5 cents, or 25 Lines will be paid 10 cents, the result is always the same do some more shots all right and no, or you’ll overlap… (uuuuumm) when you do so, you force me to call the Slot! And that’s fine, then I’d say we must cash in we are in the room here 517 €! Withdrawal! Where is Withdrawal? you have to go to the account, there, to collect the cash Collect! amount of collection, since the Bonus has not yet completely played, it’s still there it has to be rolled a number of times, let’s get 417€ and let’s send them to us through Paypal, the same way we paid them Request sent correctly.

Also for this time, everything was fine! I remind you that the Casino where you can find these Slots is: STAR VEGAS By registering by the link in the description you will get a Bonus of: 20 euro Free! Plus: 100% on first deposit! until the: Maximum of 200 euros Great, you’ve studied!

You can check out the odds of winning at Casinoslots, I do not give the official percentages; but you can find them on the Star Vegas Casino Game is forbidden to: children under the age of 18 and may cause: pathological dependence you really studied! Then always play responsibly! The game must be fun! Alright then.

We’ll continue to the next video as usual! Me and Mattia for Slots Online! BYE BYE!