Participate in Gambling Seminars to Improve Your Strategy

Participate in Gambling Seminars to Improve Your Strategy

We have players from all over the world. We have our Asian players, you know and let’s be honest, it really is their game, isn’t it okay, their collective wisdom and how they play? We can learn an awful lot from our Asian players and we have quite a few of them in our forum And we’ve learned quite a bit from them. We have our traditional players in the United States who actually look at the game from a statistical standpoint, who tracked the statistics in the game and look for any sort of variation that they can exploit or any trends that come upon us. We also have players from Europe.

I’Ve mentioned them many many times who follow their own patterns and their own systems of play, and we put all this together into one big pot and beat the casino and we talked to each other and we cooperate and we learn how to do everything we can To beat the casino So with that said, I’ve got a lot of requests as well. How do I interact with these players? Well, when you join, you can certainly chat with them in the forum, but I wanted to go one step better and I wanted to prove to the folks who are skeptical about our our play, that these guys are so dedicated and so happy to be. Members of beat the casino that they’ll be happy to talk to you.

So if you join I’ve taken two of our best players and don’t misunderstand me: we have a lot of great players, but I’ve taken our million dollar one of our MILLION dollar winners. Way2Fast and I’ve asked him if he would be kind enough to go ahead and do a master seminar with new players, and he agreed to that. Also. I’Ve asked our great player Kachtaz1 in Las Vegas. If he would actually do the same thing, he developed a 5 D system. He actually agreed to it too.

These players are not paid by beat the casino they’re doing it out of gratitude for beat the casino, because this is where they tweaked their play and learn. How to win These guys are real winners, so if you join beat the casino you’re going to get not only the membership where you can log right in and talk to the players and those guys right away, you can talk to me and any player in the Forum and also you’re gon na get Three Master Classes. If you sign up Okay, the master class, the first one’s going to be with me, where I’m going to kind of prep you with some of the concepts that we talked about and beat the casino so that when you go to the next master class, you understand What we’re talking about and there’s no confusion so you’re going to get an hour master class with me a week later, you’re going to get a master class with Kachatz1 who’s, going to explain everything that he does and talk to you about beat the casino and some Of the methods and systems that he uses and how to analyze a game, and then two weeks later on September 27th, myself and Way2Fast actually have a play session set up with a casino. Now we’re gon na be broadcasting live from our casino room.

Obviously, not the casino they won’t. Let us but we’re gon na broadcast from the from the casino where we’re playing now, if you join – and you happen to be in the area I’ll, let you know where it is when you join. If you want to come on down and play with this you’re more than welcome to – or you can just simply log in if you log into we’re gon na use, GoToMeeting log in and listen to what we have to say and gather all the information you can From our million-dollar winner way too fast, so that is what is new and exciting.

I’M so excited about this. I’M sure we’ll get many many players, I’m gon na limit it to 25, so go ahead and you know if you’re interested, please sign up sign up now. We’Re going to start the the master classes on September 7th, so it gives you a little bit of a time like I said it’s going to get cut off at 25, so it doesn’t get too much out of hand, and if you do, if you can’t attend The the times of the of the live sessions, don’t worry, they’ll all be recorded, seeking them back and review them and of course then you’ll be a member. You can post anything and ask any questions you want in the forum. So that’s the latest greatest thing going on a beat the casino all for you guys all to get more players, more insight, more everything into our into our players club and we’re the best.

There is okay, hey I’m here with Jeremiah one of our top players to beat the casino calm your mind. Did you have a good time playing tonight? Great time, did you win some money? I want a lot of money. Alright, would you tell anyone to join if you are not a member you have got to join up, it is the best out there.

Hey, don’t forget, to check out our website for the latest boxer on blackjack information. We have players from all over the world. The best players in the world are members of our website. You could be a member, too.

Don’T forget, beat the casino calm.

How to Play Slots Online Part 2

How to Play Slots Online Part 2

From 27 you changed over to 25 Maverick Vinales Ok Let’s see if this works differently give me the Stars! you have to call them: STARS, STARS, STARS! Well, you do it! they cannot hear me! The stars are so many… but now I need 3 though!

three? Yes, I need three of them! Eh, I would also like 3, I don’t want more me too!

I cannot risk! well, no! it’s not behaving well do we change again? machine? Yes! What number is it?

99 it cannot reach 100 rooms? No 100 is too much… 99 is enough! no, please spend less money? How much do you have left? I do not remember no, put less: put 33 € 30 € maximum Go!

Peach! It seems to me that a little it has woken up Eh, let’s hope… Eh, we got one Star! now we have to hope that he will put a second one to make a bit score! in the lap? yes, because we have the Special Spin So how many spins are they?

Only one? Only one! If it doesn’t give it now, we’re screwed… oooooooooooo !!! we’re screwed no big deal, just 10 € no big deal, Mattia! That’s not good, because it happens in these games that if it does not pay any Symbol with the Stars, then it will not give more Stars let’s try Ah, well, instead he has given another one now we have to see that if it gives us also this, we will will break the bank, Mattia!

Really at 1 € not so much… though nothing special Eh, at the end, it should give us at least 100 euros no, even in this way it could give us 100 € if it puts a few 7 if it would give another Star too, they would be big money do I put 1 or 2? 1, always at 1 now it is written New Game we did one SEVEN alright then… it’s 10 € Do we call the Wheel of Fortune? Yes! Yes? Yes! ooooooooooh oooheeelaaa always Casey Stoner always Slot 27 always!

into the heart and charge 100 €. Now we play these 100 € and see what happens Does this game have a Bonus Game? caution it could turn your nose up… ah no! He has it, what am I saying it has the Scatters of Africa Spike! bho! I really do not know this game well, let’s see what happens, I know it pays Lines endlessy how many lines there are?

damn! no, set the maximum, or not? the maximum? 50. Let’s see what happens but 1 euro with 50 lines … it’s too much a “homeless style”, Mattia!

Eh! because he often pays many shots but it pays them few cents Mah, 9 euros is acceptable! and we reached 104 € we are winning 2 euros We’re winning a coffee for each one at this game exactly! however, you should play with a low number of Lines to win so much or a high BET, for sure! of course!

but, in short, it is already much more alive than… GORILLA! what’s its name? the Power Stars Yes beep what nasty sounds it has though! but do you see, why does it only sound on the first row it shows?

this is good when filling with many WILDs because it gives very good Payouts WILDs are these, right? yes but the are few! it’s 16 € but I ask, are these WILDs or these others? BUT IT’S WRITTEN OVER THEM!!!! Damn! and this?

How much does this pay? it’s the Gorilla it will pay… I do not know, 3 pay 1.60 € WILDs pay very well though eh, the WILDs alone do not pay anything and I know they pay if they are mixed with other things, such as the Gorilla I already have two Gorilla, but it gives them in industrial quantities they are good! at least they let you win few money let’s say that the shot is not wasted exactly I do not understand why the Scatter only play on the first roll and the others do not maybe you have to put them on a Line, I do not know let’s see what happens at 25 Lines let’s take a look if you lower the Lines… Ah, a full page… no, you see, it does not sound the third Scatter, maybe it must give them consecutively like the Big Easy if not, it is not explained at this point certainly in fact 3 Scatters, 8 euros and… what’s up? I have to take it now 10 Bonus Games, go, go! Are you ready?

Yes! but I do not know what’s happening in this Bonus, so let’s see… I do not know, it’s the first time I see it So far nothing has happened till now it’s 96 cents yes, but in the Bonus always something happens: or the Symbols Expand… and what’s happening here? I do not know this for example some WILD’s explosion…

I have no idea ah … this is what happens eh! we have these WILD’s Lines sometimes? certainly BHAA! I do not like that Jesu! All Mercy of Jesus Christ! and now what do we do here?

and now play! we still have some shots I do not know this, if… watch, what a disgust! shame on you! exultation? I have to censure myself because I do not want to blame however, accept these first but because 283 €, only 100 € we had loaded, right? Yes leave the phone which makes me drop the connection here guess who is it?

who’s there? your mother Eeeh, okay, I’ll answer later this also is good! beep I like GORILLA, Mattia! I must admit… me too, huh even if I did not understand well how it works No no I’m wrong, sorry did you want to put 10? no Three, but it does not go 3.75 is not good? Eh, 2.50 € but you have lowered the Lines now eh?

Yes when the chips are down, it’s just a matter of: how do you like to play, because or 50 Lines will be paid 5 cents, or 25 Lines will be paid 10 cents, the result is always the same do some more shots all right and no, or you’ll overlap… (uuuuumm) when you do so, you force me to call the Slot! And that’s fine, then I’d say we must cash in we are in the room here 517 €! Withdrawal! Where is Withdrawal? you have to go to the account, there, to collect the cash Collect! amount of collection, since the Bonus has not yet completely played, it’s still there it has to be rolled a number of times, let’s get 417€ and let’s send them to us through Paypal, the same way we paid them Request sent correctly.

Also for this time, everything was fine! I remind you that the Casino where you can find these Slots is: STAR VEGAS By registering by the link in the description you will get a Bonus of: 20 euro Free! Plus: 100% on first deposit! until the: Maximum of 200 euros Great, you’ve studied!

You can check out the odds of winning at Casinoslots, I do not give the official percentages; but you can find them on the Star Vegas Casino Game is forbidden to: children under the age of 18 and may cause: pathological dependence you really studied! Then always play responsibly! The game must be fun! Alright then.

We’ll continue to the next video as usual! Me and Mattia for Slots Online! BYE BYE!

How to Play Slots Online Part 1

How to Play Slots Online Part 1

Ladies and Gentlemen Good evening Good evening We are here, back to this new video! Spike and Mattia To test… which Slot Machine? I do not know Okay, now we will see Ok So, we have to transfer our money and, in order to take advantage of the Bonus, you have to click on the link in the description The Bonus consists of 100% of your first recharge plus 20 € extra for free! Mattia, load the money! How much do we want to play? 100 €?

Yes Go! Perfect! The transaction was successful! Let’s take a look at the Credit now Account Status Here we are, we have 100 € of Bonus 100 Euros of Unpaid Money, that is, the money being charged Mattia, I recommend! I want to have a nice Weekend Me too! LORD OF THE OCEAN I can not find it!

It’s down Ah, here it is this one? But it is there! But are you distracted? this one? No! The Wheel of Fortune told us to play LORD OF THE OCEAN so wait … Real MONEY, okay Set in FULL SCREEN Wait, let it load you before sure One at random?

Well, what you like the most Let me lower the volume a bit This one? Yes The 27th Casey Stoner Wow Great Slot Machine Should i load all the money? Yes go, everything Set Full Screen wait FULL SCREEN But where is it? No, there is that little symbol, the white one, there this? Yes Here we are! Choose the Bet I don’t want to influence, Mattia does what he wants Let’s start with 1 €, come on Go!

start with 1 € just to explore the ground So this game is very much like Book Of Ra, which is much more famous let’s say they work in the same way, the Lines and the Payments more or less resemble here the Books are replaced by WILD with circular shape These? Not those ones, that round symbol that sounds when it appears it has not yet appeared These? Here they are, yes These are also SCATTERs, which also activate the free spin Bonus Game no, I think it was a bit different from the Book of Ra because on that Slot the symbols open differently the free spin Yes? Yes Yes, on that, yes that Triton there, what’s his name, Poseidon… he pays a lot! Mattia is not happy to play at 1 € he must let the Slot Machine explode Uh!

Nice play, Mattia! I told you let’s set the Bet at 2 € because not only there are 3 Poseidon Symbols there, but also 10 Bonus Games with what symbol? We are winning 41 € Eh! Good Now the computer is blocked! what happens??

Ah, the Woman is a good symbol. Has the Woman’s Symbol come out? Ah, here? It’s there, can you see?

Oh sorry! My Computer goes a bit lazy Now, let’s see what happens right away! First of all there is a FULL LINE!!! 150 €! My Jesus!

Thank you! Me too! Go!

Go! This game is starting well The Woman Symbol, it seems to me that it expands in a strange way but I can not tell you exactly … No! I think that… or there must be three, I do not remember If it expands with three symbols it just like the Book of Ra, but it seems different from what I remember… it seems to me …

Here it is! Let’s see! This is good with 3, if it gives it to us …it did the same like the Book of Ra symbols, the same thing Jesus thank you!!!

80 € Mattia!!! In other words, we did 2 shots and we are already at 500€ yes the symbol opens like the Book of Ra Yes and they open also with 2, but it’s just 1 € per Line, times 10 then 10 € Good! No, it’s not Good!

It sucks! Here are 3 more, 80 euros more! Now insist like a machine gun! PAPAPAPAPAPA! And do not let it be so angry Let me enjoy it a little bit ok, I get my hands out and do nothing, you see?

And it is stuck What: “Waiting”? Check if the phone transmits! See if it takes the internet Yes Leave it there then because as you know, Ladies and Gentlemen, every malfunction cancels Bonuses and Payments by closing the Slot and surely we do not intend to close it Ah here it is resumed 8 € All right!

We expect more, much more Should I go? Yes! ANOTHER!!! f… traitor?

Yes We cannot blaspheme on live also because it’s going VERY good I would say Last spin! And no, I’m afraid it’s over here. Ah no… the last… A .. a .. ah Three !!!

Nothing to do, it’s over! But 390 €! What do you want more! 391! All right, let’s go!

here it is: I should have known! Nice this Bonus game though, because it’s like the Book of Ra. Yes!

Indeed we can say they are two equal Slots! Do you mean this and the Book of Ra? Oh yes, practically yes they are eh!

I knew it You just want to break this Slot If it put 3 Symbols now that we’re playing at 5 €… You could even double it, but it’s risky! Better to go back to low values… Yes good… I like you like that I would not risk too much… no, you’ve done a good gamble to do it because he could restart with other quick payments, full Lines or other Bonuses abundant It’s good to try some high BET shot! but only SOME shots, it does not make sense to play 500€ completely at 5€ No Good! How much is it?

Honest! Put two more damn! your tricks to get you paid here do not work, Mattia! You will not be able to deceive it as you do with the Challenger I was wrong, after we play with it What do you want to do, do you already want to change game?

yes, because I already got enough money here then we have to call our Wheel of Fortune! POWER STAR! This is nice, huh? Yes Ah, there is one in this room to play and you know that if you click on it you can see how he is playing, the payments coming out, etc? you can see everything, you know? You can look at the business of the others come on let’s go to Stoner here Hopefully bring us luck!

eh, there it worked! so here too set Full Screen mode should I put the whole money? No, just 100 euro 100 € Yes Full Screen, first thing Let’s see if also this Slot wants to dance Should I start? Go! Surely you know this game, POWER STAR, because it’s in the land based NOVOLINE’s VLT and it is famous for the fact that when the Stars come out, it makes you take an extra Bonus spin the star expands and becomes a WILD on the whole roll, like the Elsy Slots that you like so much and then the Slot lets you you do another attempt: if another Star comes out, it always expands on rollers 2, 3 and 4, until no Star comes out, but in case you get 3 of them, you’ll get an insured powerful payment! so in that case you really get a great win in this Slot!

let’s see what happens Mattia, no Star came out until now! For now it does not work so well… the minimum payments always consist of 3 Symbols, even the Cherries for now I do not want to risk increasing the BET very good! But in this case, you see, we chose a Slot that did not give chance immediately! and since we have so many Slots in the Casino and we probably chose the wrong one it makes no point to keep being stubborn on a single Slot! It’s true! then change Slot, in the same Hall.